Laser Nanoprinting of Atomaterials and Integrated Devices

TIME: 1:00pm

WHEN: 26 September, 2023




Abstract: This presentation mainly introduces the interaction between 3D nanoprinting and various materials at the angstrom scale. Describe the precise and unparalleled manipulation of materials by nanoprinting at the spatial, temporal and atomic scales. In particular, the application status and broad prospects of optical nanoprinting and two-dimensional photonic integrated devices are introduced in detail. The report will also share the future development directions of ultrafast optical nanoprinting and angstrom material devices, and the major challenges faced. The developed scalable graphene metamaterials show attractive optical and thermal properties. Through patterning with advanced laser nanoprinting technique, functional photonic devices with ultrathin, light weight and flexible nature have been demonstrated promising exciting opportunities for integrated photonics.

Biography: Professor Baohua Jia is a Future Fellow at RMIT University, Australia. Before joining RMIT University in 2022, Baohua was a tenured professor at Swinburne University of Technology and Founding Director of Centre for Translational Atomaterials. Professor Jia is a Fellow of Optica (previously known as the Optical Society of America), and a Fellow of the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining (IMO3). Since 2019, Prof. Jia has served as a Colleague of Expert for the Australian Research Council. Professor Jia’s research focuses on the design and optical characterization of novel nanostructures and nanomaterials, fabrication, and efficient conversion and storage of light energy. As a leading Chief Investigator, Professor Jia received a total of more than $35 million in research funding support. Professor Jia has published more than 300 journal papers, and developed more than 20 invention patents and patent applications. Based on Professor Jia’s outstanding contributions in scientific research, she has won many awards, including the 2017 finalist of the Australian Prime Minister’s Science Award, the Vice Chancellor’s Industrial Achievement Award in 2011, 2016, and 2018 , 2013, Young Science Leader Award, 2012 UNESCO L’OrĂ©al Australia New Zealand Women in Science Award.

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