Work with TMOS

As the world’s largest research group in the field of meta-optics, TMOS provides you with the unique opportunity to collaborate with world renowned supervisors at a highly esteemed university. In addition, our cross-institutional collaboration allows you to work with the top researchers in meta-optics from Australia and around the world.

In addition to the academic benefits, being a part of the TMOS team also offers industry networking opportunities and a range of leadership initiatives that can enhance your resume and skill set.

Opportunities at TMOS include: 

  • funding to travel to other nodes for project collaborations 
  • professional development program featuring prestigious researchers
  • industry partnerships 
  • opportunities to network with senior researchers in the field
  • opportunities to participate in our outreach program

Quote“Being an research program manager at TMOS has significantly expanded my skill set beyond what I learned from being a researcher. This will open doors into many types of management positions in academia and industry where strategic planning and identifying new opportunities is crucial.”

Lukas Wesemann, University of Melbourne

Who should apply?

We’re searching for researchers with passion and the drive to create impact. If you are motivated and self-driven, have a PhD in physics or engineering, and are able to live and work in Australia, reach out to a Chief Investigator whose research projects align with your interests.

When applying for employment with TMOS (at one of our five host universities) you will need to include a copy of your latest CV and respond to the Selection Criteria. Applications without these two documents cannot be considered for shortlisting or interview. We also recommend a 1-page cover letter to introduce yourself and your motivation for applying.

The Selection Criteria is found within the Position Description (please click the link to one of the job ads above to download the Position Description specific to the role you want to apply for). The document asks several questions for you to respond to in an essay-style format.

TMOS is committed to building a diverse and equitable workplace.

We support applicants who are undertaking their PhD but you must be near completion of your work. We offer flexible starting dates which can be discussed in the job offer phase.

Positions that do not specify a gender requirement can be applied for by any person, regardless of gender. If you are unsure, please contact the person listed on the job ad.

Women-only advertisement is at the discretion of the Hiring Manager, in alignment with our Diversity values. If you do not identify as a woman you cannot apply in those rounds where women only is specified. We believe that supporting under-represented groups will make for better science over the long term. We will advertise special measure positions as required over the next seven years.

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Each role has specific eligibility requirements listed on the job ad. Some positions require Australian working rights to apply, however, those applicants with those working rights but living outside of Australia may still apply (e.g. Australian citizens). Other roles do not specify working rights and can originate from outside of Australia. You will need to read each ad carefully to assess your eligibility to apply. If unsure, please reach out to the contact person listed on the job ad.

The start date for each role may be discussed with the Hiring Manager during the job offer phase. We understand that there are visa delays, travel restrictions in place, as well as other general circumstances that may mean a candidate needs a longer window to commence their role.

Yes. You would need to meet Australia’s eligibility for the Special Category Visa (subclass 444). New Zealand citizens are granted this Visa on arrival in Australia and if granted, this allows them to visit, study, stay and work in Australia. Remain up to date with the latest travel advice from New Zealand and Australian Governments as the current situation is changeable.

When positions are open, they will be advertised on this page and on our LinkedIn page.