Governance Structure


TMOS has developed a Governance Framework to enable world-leading fundamental science and research translation with excellence operations to achieve our vision.

We have two advisory bodies, one that focuses on benchmarking us scientifically (the International Scientific Advisory Committee) and another that focuses on our operations and non-scientific goals (Centre Advisory Board).

Our decisions are made by the Centre Executive Committee, which is Chaired by the Centre Director and has voting members from every Australian university involved in TMOS, plus representatives from each research theme. We also have a range of sub-committees that provide advice and make recommendations to the Centre Executive Committee.

Within our Governance Framework, TMOS has an embedded Ethics Framework and an Inclusion Diversity Equity and Access (IDEA) Framework to support integrity and a diverse and inclusive team. We maintain various registers to support these three frameworks and a mentoring program that connects research and our values together. TMOS also develops and implements its own policies that apply to all its members when undertaking TMOS activities.

Centre Sub-Committees

Education and Professional Development Committee (EPDC)

The EPDC supports the Centre’s education goals including the HDR mentoring program and a centre-wide professional development program, features of which include the TMOS Meta Together annual conference, its colloquium series, and the ECR & student conference. 

Inclusion Diversity Equity and Access Committee (IDEA)

The IDEA committee is concerned with the Centre’s culture and values to create an inclusive and diverse workplace. The IDEA Committee will champion initiatives that support the Centre to reach its equity and diversity KPIs, as well as those that enhance the careers and experiences of Centre members. The Committee is responsible for the IDEA Framework and associated policies.

Industry Liaison Committee (ILC)

The ILC is both the guardian and champion of the intellectual property (IP) created in undertaking Centre Activities. The ILC supports the COO in maintaining the IP Register. It connects to universities and industry on how to best utilise IP. Furthermore, the ILC will help the Centre develop industry links for education and research purposes and beyond. 

Infrastructure and Capabilities Committee (ICC)

The ICC maintains the Centre’s equipment register and supports cross-node collaboration by ensuring Centre members know and can access cross-node capabilities for their research. The ICC annually organises the Centre-based funding bids and supports non-Centre bids through networks in Australia. The ICC will also support access to equipment, infrastructure, and capabilities outside the Centre.

Outreach Committee (OC)

The Outreach committee supports the outreach goals of the Centre, including school visits, public events, National Science Week participation. It works closely with the Centre’s partners at Questacon to develop a teacher training program to help facilitate the teaching of optics and meta-optics in schools.

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Our annual reports outline our research, case studies, and our performance against our KPIs.