Quantum Technologies

Our researchers are dedicated to developing hardware for novel quantum technologies. Specifically, we are focusing on engineering new quantum light sources and single photon detectors which have the potential to revolutionise computing, communications, and sensing.

One of the key advantages of our approach is employing metasurfaces that enable us to precisely control the properties of light at the nanoscale. Quantum metasurfaces will play key role in creating new highly efficient quantum building blocks, that  operate at room temperature. These devices have the potential to be faster, smaller, and more energy-efficient than traditional technologies, opening up new modalities and possibilities.

We are currently developing proof-of-concept detectors that measure the quantum states of single photons, sensors that can characterize substances at quantum levels, entangled photons for quantum imaging and ultra bright single photon sources for quantum computation and communications.

Potential industry applications:

  • Metasurface-based emitters and detectors to create more robust and reliable quantum bits (qubits)
  • Highly secure and efficient quantum communication networks.
  • Imaging, sensing and detection of magnetic and electric fields
  • Miniaturised LiDAR systems for low-light conditions

Overall, our research program is focused on pushing the boundaries of what is possible with quantum science, and the metasurface-based approach has the potential to make a significant impact on many different industries in the years to come.

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Current TMOS Projects

  • Metasurfaces for quantum imaging with entangled photons | CI Andrey Sukhorukov | ANU | TRL1
  • Secured Quantum Communications | CI Aharonvich & Toth | UTS | TRL 5
  • Advanced manufacturing of quantum light sources | CIs Aharonovich & Toth | UTS | TRL 5
  • Customised III-V epitaxial wafers | CI Tan | ANU | TRL N/A
  • Nanowire infrared avalanche photodetectors towards single photon detection | CI Lan Fu | ANU | TRL1
  • Advanced Quantum Sensing for electromagnetic radiation | CIs Aharonovich & Toth | UTS
  • Secured Quantum Communications | CIs Aharonvich & Toth | UTS