TMOS Annual Report 2021 – Building the foundations for success

2021 marked the first full year of operations for the Centre. As you might imagine, our focus was on building the right team, refining our strategies, and developing policies and procedures to guide us moving forward. Essentially, we were getting the foundations right in order to build future success.

Our 2021 report captures these activities. It introduces you to the teams that make up TMOS – who they are, what they’re working on, and what they hope to achieve over the course of the Centre’s lifetime. The report gives an update on our research progress, talking about our breakthroughs this year, including case studies of major milestones, and our goals for 2022.

Our committees achieved some pretty exciting things in 2021, with headway made in our Outreach, Education, Industry and IDEA programs. All of these were impacted in some way by the ongoing pandemic, but we were able to pivot and the report outlines how we adapted to the challenges of lockdowns and international border closures.

Finally, we discuss our performance against our KPIs and our publications, awards, honours, prizes and awarded funding.

We hope that the report encapsulates the things that matter the most to us – our people and the exciting work they’re doing. As we move into 2022, we feel confident that we’ve set ourselves up well for success.

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Samara Thorn

As the Engagement Manager at TMOS, the ARC Centre of Excellence for Transformative Meta-Optical Systems, my role is to help researchers communicate their science and help businesses understand how the new field of meta-optics will transform their industry and where future opportunities for growth li ... more

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