Arnan Mitchell

I am a Distinguished Professor at RMIT University and am passionate about translating fundamental scientific breakthroughs into real-world outcomes.

Over my 20-year career, I have built RMIT’s capability in photonics (the science of using and manipulating light) through national and international collaboration. My research also includes world-leading research outcomes spanning optical microcombs, precision measurement, information and intelligence and spectroscopy.

I pride myself on my leadership in building, managing and leading diverse and large-scale research teams, mentoring students and early career researchers, and creating highly successful collaborative research programs.

My recent highlights include demonstrating the world’s fastest internet from a single chip, the breaking the record for the world’s fastest photonic neuromorphic (brain-like) processor. I have more than 500 publications that have appeared in Nature, Nature Medicine, Nature Communications, PNAS, Optica, Light Science and Applications and Advanced Materials, among others.

Beyond academia, I have translated research into commercial success, have many patented inventions, commercialised with Advanced Navigation and HatiSens.

At RMIT University I am Director of the $60M Micro Nano Research Facility (MNRF) which includes comprehensive infrastructure for photonic chip research and development. I have spent much of my career building this capability, which remains one of RMIT’s most substantive research facilities.

I am also the founder and leader of the Integrated Photonics and Applications Centre (InPAC), a team of more than 40 researchers exploring how breakthrough innovations can be translated into real world impact through engagement with industry in Australia and around the world. InPAC includes integrated photonic design, photonic chip fabrication, packaging and interfacing and applications in high-speed internet, photonic sensing systems for defence and photonic biosensors for more rapid disease diagnosis.

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