Benjamin Russell

Research Interests

  • Microspectrometers
  • Dielectric Metasurfaces
  • Machine Learning


  • Bachelor of Science (Physics), University of Melbourne, 2018
  • Diploma of Music, University of Melbourne, 2018
  • Master of Science (Physics), University of Melbourne, 2020


  • "RT 2 - Manipulate RT 3 - Detect"


Melbourne born but Warrnambool raised, Ben has had his mind set on physics ever since the BBC documentary ‘Absolute Zero’ premiered 2008. In 2015 he returned to Melbourne to complete a Bachelor of Science and a Diploma of Music in Trombone Performance at the University of Melbourne. Finding optics to be the discipline he was most interested in, he remained at the University to undertake a Master of Science in Physics under the supervision of Professor Ken Crozier, which was completed in 2020. Ben joined TMOS in 2021 with the commencement of his PhD in physics, hoping to build on the research groundwork laid down during his master’s degree. He wishes to remain in optics and photonics for the foreseeable future, taking a particular interest in the development of dielectric metasurfaces and their incorporation in microspectrometer systems. His work also relies on algorithmic approaches to spectroscopy, chemical classification, and metasurface design.

Ben has been an avid hockey player his entire life, leaving his hometown club to join the Essendon Bombers’ Hockey Club with the commencement of his university studies. He values his experiences playing brass in concert bands, orchestras, and stage bands over the years, not just for the raw enjoyment, but for the performance skills and confidence that continue to aid him in his academic pursuits.

Current Projects

  • The Application of the Narrowband Transmission Resonances of Dielectric Zero-contrast Gratings to Mid-infrared Spectroscopy

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