Daniel Morley

Research Interests

  • Microelectronics
  • Infrared Devices
  • Material Characterisation


  • Bachelor of Science (Engineering Science and Applied Mathematics and Statistics) , University of Western Australia
  • Master of Professional Engineering (Electrical and Electronic), University of Western Australia

Mr Morley’s time in engineering and a desire to know how things work often at the price of whatever he has his hands on has lead to a strong understanding of anything thrown his way. This has been beneficial as a PhD student as he has engaged with the process from simulation and design through to fabrication and measurement. His current focus is in the fabrication and characterisation of infrared photodetectors made with Mercury Cadmium Telluride, the measurements of which require precision to the order for a couple hundred nanometres. This has given him a wholistic understanding of the entire semiconductor photon detector creation process. He is a lifelong Perthian studying both his bachelor in engineering, applied mathematics and statistics as well as his masters in Engineering at the University of Western Australia. He makes use of the scenic bike paths bordering the Swan for his commute which helps him keep a clear and focused mind for research.

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