Fedor Kovalev

Research Interests

  • Tunable metasurfaces
  • Parametric metadevices
  • Communication
  • Remote sensing
  • Imaging


  • Bachelor degree in Radio Engineering, Moscow Power Engineering Institute (National Research University)
  • Engineer degree in Radiophysics and Electronics, Moscow Power Engineering Institute (National Research University)
  • Master degree in Physics, National University of Science and Technology "MISiS"

Achievements & Awards

  • 2018 International Creative Contest of Andrey Botchvar prize winner
  • 2018 DAAD one-year research scholarship holder
  • 2022 ANU PhD scholarship
  • 2022 TMOS Cross-Node Exchange Award
  • 2023 ANU Graduate House Residential scholarship
  • 2023 VC HDR Travel Grant


  • Manipulate

Fedor Kovalev is a PhD student at the Research School of Physics of the Australian National University, a physicist and a microwave engineer with the strong background of the scientific work at various organizations of the Russian Academy of Sciences and space industry. He graduated from the National Research Technological University “MISiS” in Moscow (Russia) with a Master’s degree in physics in 2020. His scientific project was based on one-year research at the Ilmenau University of Technology (Germany), supported by a DAAD scholarship and dedicated to subterahertz metamaterials for bolometric detection. He has been involved in various scientific and technical projects since receiving an Engineer’s degree in Radio Physics and Electronics in 2013 and a Bachelor’s degree in Radio Engineering in 2011 at the National Research University “Moscow Power Engineering Institute” (Russia). Fedor Kovalev has good skills in advanced electromagnetic modeling and engineering. His research interests include tunable metasurfaces and parametric metadevices for microwave, terahertz and infrared communication, remote sensing, and imaging. As an engineer, Fedor Kovalev has developed microwave devices such as filters, diplexers, splitters, and couplers. In the last two years, before entering the Research School of Physics of the Australian National University, he worked on a preliminary design of ground terminals for satellite communication. He has extensive experience in link budget analysis and system design of transceivers for terrestrial satellite communication terminals.

Current Projects

  • Spectrally tunable metasurface filters for long-wavelength infrared range
  • Metasurface filter for fluorescence fibre-optic imaging
  • Tunable toroidal metasurfaces for bolometric detection
  • Parametric metadevices for electromagnetic wave amplification

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