Henry Tan


  • "RT 2 - Manipulate RT 3 - Detect"

Henry Tan is a PhD student in the School of Physics at the University of Melbourne, under the supervision of Professor Ken Crozier.

His current research is on realising low-cost miniature infrared spectrometers for reliable chemical identification. These combine metasurface filter arrays with engineered transmission spectra, a thermal camera and machine learning to distinguish different chemicals. Filters investigated include plasmonic aperture filters and dielectric nano-pillar metasurfaces.

He previously completed his Master of Science in Physics under the supervisor of Professor Ken Crozier in 2019. His master’s research was on developing a smartphone-based visible spectrometer utilizing speckle patterns emitted from an optical fibre. This work was presented at CLEO conference 2020.

Current Projects

  • Metasurface Filter Arrays for a Midwave Infrared Microspectrometer Platform

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