Jarek Antoszewski

  • Associate Investigator
  • University of Western Australia

A/Prof. Antoszewski has been working in the field of semiconductor materials, devices fabrication and characterisation since he joined MRG at UWA in 1992. His collaboration with US Naval Research Laboratory (Washington) has resulted in the development of a unique semiconductor characterisation method Quantitative Mobility Spectrum Analysis (QMSA) which is extremely useful for semiconductor material evaluation prior to device fabrication. He demonstrated applicability of QMSA to different semiconductor structures such as HgCdTe, AlGaAs/GaAs and AlGaN/GaN HEMTs. Consequently, as an expert in the field of electrical transport characterisation techniques in semiconductors he was invited to participate in the project run by US National Institute of Standards for developing reliable Hall effect measurement standards for GaAs based materials.


Since 1996 A/Prof. Antoszewski expanded his research into development of technology for infrared detectors. He participated in the development of state of the art n on p-type junction formation technology using a Reactive Ion Etching process (the core of IR detector technology at UWA), and development of the HgCdTe passivation technology. His research on near room temperature operating HgCdTe photodetectors has resulted in demonstration of high performance IR detectors and small detector arrays. Recently (2018), he demonstrated fabrication of fully operational large size HgCdTe based infrared imaging arrays

From 2004, A/Prof. Antoszewski became also heavily involved in the UWA MEMS program, funded initially by ARC, then DARPA (US), GRDC (Australia) and more recently Goodrich/UTAS (US), and DST Group via Grand Challenge Program. In these projects he has been responsible for development of device fabrication and integration technologies. This work resulted in demonstration of the first worldwide monolithically integrated micro-spectrometer based on integration of MEMS and HgCdTe technologies.

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