Kylie Dunning

Dr Kylie Dunning leads the Reproductive Success team within the Robinson Research Institute and the School of Biomedicine.

Kylie is a reproductive biologist who aspires to use safe, cutting-edge, light-based technologies (also referred to as photonics) to better understand the biology that underpins successful development of the oocyte (egg) and early embryo. With one-in-six Australian couples struggling to start a family without medical intervention, Kylie is committed turning her laboratory discoveries into impact for these couples, engaging early and often with clinical experts to address the greatest clinical challenges.

With a focus on how oocytes (eggs) and embryos create energy, Kylie pioneered the paradigm-shifting research describing the requirement for lipid metabolism by the oocyte and early embryo.

With a drive to see outcomes for patients, Kylie is now using this knowledge and expertise with cutting-edge imaging and diagnostic technologies, to deliver the next generation of tools for the fertility clinic, and agriculture industry. She is leading the way in the development of safe, non-invasive diagnostic technologies that will change the way fertility specialists and embryologists select the best eggs and embryos, which will ultimately improve the experience for all couples seeking fertility care.

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