Mingjie Yang

Research Interests

  • Optical Biosensing
  • Diabetes Management
  • Non-invasive Sensing Technique
  • Optical Glucose Sensor
  • Wearable Electronics


  • Bachelor of Engineering, Sichuan University, China.
  • Master of Engineering, Monash University, Australia


  • Manipulate

Mingjie Yang is a Ph.D. candidate at RMIT University, with an educational background in Engineering. After earning a Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical and Electronic) from Sichuan University, China in 2012, he advanced his studies at Monash University, Australia, where he received a Master of Engineering (Materials) in 2019.

His academic journey led him to hold positions as a Research Assistant at both Monash University and RMIT University, where he honed his expertise in Nanofabrication, Electronics Development, Immunosensor Fabrication, and NIR Spectroscopy.

Mingjie’s research interests are centered around the development and application of wearable and soft flexible electronics, particularly within the biomedical sector. He focuses on optical biosensing and non-invasive biosensing techniques in the area of diabetes management, aiming for taking advancements in this critical healthcare sphere.

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