Pallavi Punj

Research Interests

  • Thin Films Metasurfaces Optics Quantum Computing Nanophotonics


  • "RT 2 - Manipulate RT 3 - Detect"

Biography: A highly motivated Physics grad student, with a 9+ GPA in undergrad, seeking to use critical thinking and research aptitude in advanced studies along with pursuing a possible career as a professor in Physics. A budding leader and an enthusiastic student who always looks for new challenges and opportunities to excel beyond the norm. She is expected to finish her Master’s degree by December 2023. Apart from Physics, she also likes to spend her time coding. She has deep knowledge of Python as well as MATLAB. She has written various codes, which she frequently posts on her GitHub page. However, her interests are not only limited to Physics and skills related to it. Since high school, she has had a keen interest in Psychology, which is why she took it up as an extra subject and performed well too. She also has a good grasp of the English and French languages.

Current Projects

  • Investigating the use of Nanoparticles and Exotic Thin Film Structures for Enhancing Detector Responsivity

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