Rishabh Vashist

Research Interests

  • Epitaxial growth of III-V semiconductors via MOCVD
  • Wurtzite phase Gallium Phosphide
  • Optoelectronic Devices


  • PhD, Australian National University (May, 2023 – present)
  • M.Sc. Physics, IIT-Jodhpur, India


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Rishabh is currently pursuing his Ph.D. at Electronic Materials Engineering department at Australian National University where he is studying the epitaxial growth mechanisms for obtaining wurtzite phase Gallium Phosphide nanostructures via Metal Organic Chemical Vapor Epitaxy under the supervision of Prof. Hark Hoe Tan and Prof. Chennupati Jagadish. Previously, he has done his Master’s project on fabrication and optoelectronic characterization of 2D Metal Halide Perovskites for photodetector applications. If you don’t find him in office working on his project, then he probably outside playing badminton or kayaking on Lake Burley Griffin with his friends.

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