Shridhar Manjunath

Research Interests

  • Metasurfaces
  • Optical sensing


  • Bachelor of Engineering, PES University Bangalore India
  • Masters of Photonics, Australian National University Canberra Australia

Achievements & Awards

  • SPIE optics and photonics scholarship 2022


  • Manipulate

Shridhar Manjunath is a PhD student in Australian National University, Canberra. He currently works on optical sensors based on metasurfaces under the supervision of Prof. Dragomir Neshev. His research work on biosensing and gas sensing aims at developing lab-on-chip sensors for better diagnostics devices. Beyond research, he is actively involved in outreach programs. He has co-organised two KOALA international student conference, workshops, seminars and celebrations of International Day of Light.

Current Projects

  • Gas sensing using metasurfaces

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