Sumeet Walia

I am a passionate scientist who is keen to expand multidisciplinary innovation to create technologies that benefit society. I am always on the lookout for opportunities where scientific innovations can transform our quality and sustainability of living in a positive manner.
My research focuses on creating new material systems for electronic and photonic devices that mimic the human vision and brain function for advanced neuromorphics, sensors and precision measurement systems.
Beyond academic research, I have partnered with more than ten industry partners to translate breakthroughs out of the lab into the real world. Through translational partnerships with industry, my work in ultra-thin materials and miniaturised devices is leading to applications such as high-performance photodetectors, artificial vision devices, and versatile sensing platforms for industries across defence, health, medical, energy and space.
My work has resulted in multiple crossovers into other sectors such as antimicrobial technologies to eliminate drug resistant pathogens.
I have amplified opportunities for early-career researchers and see enhanced equity, diversity and inclusion in the STEM sector. I co-chair the Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Committee of Science and Technology Australia, an organisation that represents a 90,000 strong STEM workforce in Australia.

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