Tim Davis

I have a Ph. D. in physics and worked in CSIRO for 29 years, reaching the level of Senior Principal Research Scientist. From 2015 I have been doing science consulting for different companies, in fields such as biosensors and document security, as well as research in meta-optics for the University of Melbourne, where I hold an honorary Professorship, working with colleagues at Monash University on cathodoluminescence and in Germany where I have guest professorships at the University of Stuttgart and the University of Duisburg-Essen. I currently am the recipient of a Mercator Fellowship in Germany.

Some years ago I developed a method for imaging the -Essen and the University of Stuttgart. We obtain deep sub-wavelength spatial resolution electric fields of surface plasmons at light frequencies that was implemented by colleagues at the University of Duisburg and sub femto-second time resolution allowing us to experimentally observe the full vector fields of surface plasmon polaritons. This work was published in Science in 2020 (Timothy J. Davis et al: “Ultrafast vector imaging of plasmonic skyrmion dynamics with deep subwavelength resolution”, Science (368), eaba6415 (2020)). Since then we have been measuring surface plasmon spin fields and analysing their topology, as well as investigating surface plasmon quasi-lattices with a group in Israel. We hope to publish these works soon.

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