Xiaoying Huang

Research Interests

  • Selective area epitaxy in MOCVD
  • InAsP/InP single quantum dot in InP Nanowire/microring
  • Single/entangle photon source


  • South-central university for Nationalities (China)´╝îBachelor, Material Chemistry, 2014-2018
  • Sun Yat-sent University (China), Research assistant, solid-state physics, 2019-2022
  • Australian National University, PhD, Physics, 2022-now


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Xiaoying Huang is a PhD student at the TMOS Centre Australian National University under supervision of Prof Hoe Tan. Her research project is focusing on selective area epitaxy in MOCVD system to achieve bottom-up single quantum dot in various optical cavities directly for the single / entangle photon sources applications.

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