Yang Yu

Research Interests

  • Nanotechnology
  • Infrared Photodetector
  • Semiconductor


  • Bachelor of Engineering, (New energy science and engineering), North China Electronic Power University
  • Mater of Engineering, (Renewable energy), Australian National University

Achievements & Awards

  • TMOS Cross node exchange award


  • Detect

Yang Yu is currently a PhD candidate from the Dept. of Electronic Materials Engineering, Research School of Physics and Engineering, Australia National University. Yang Yu has published five journals as co-author under supervision of Prof. Lan Fu. Yang Yu’s research interests are designing, fabricating and testing optoelectronic device (photodetector) at short-wave infrared range using III-V compound semiconductor nanostructures (nanowire and nanosheet) growed using MOCVD.

Current Projects

  • InAs nanowire based infrared photodetector
  • InAs nanosheet bsaed polarization-sensitive infrared photodetector

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