Yuzi Song

Research Interests

  • Growth of GaN film
  • GaN-based UV-LED


  • Bachelor of Engineering, Anhui University, China
  • Master of Science, Zhejiang University, China


  • Generate

Ms Song’s previous research is the study of III-V GaN semiconductor material on substrates under different-dimensionally confinement and devices on it, in which she explores the followed 3 fields. ①the fabrication of novel ultrathin(20nm) Si membrane substrate and epitaxy and characterization of GaN grown by MOCVD on this novel ultrathin hetero-substrate based on SOI. ②the critical thickness of GaN materials on hetero-substrates under different-dimensionally confinement by theoretical calculation, Finite Element Analysis as well as experiment. ③the simulation, design and fabrication of GaN-HEMT on Serpentine Channel Patterned-Si Substrate. Her current project has some relationship with my previous research above which is related to the growth and characterization of III-nitride nanoscale light emitters.

Current Projects

  • Growth and characterisation of III-nitride nanoscale light emitters

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