Calling all future engineers!

The University of Western Australia’s Microelectronics Research Group is celebrating Science Week with an engineering competition that merges 3D printing and holograms into one exciting challenge.

Participants of all ages will have the opportunity to use desktop hologram printing kits and 3D printers to design and print their own unique holograms. But this competition is not just about having fun; it’s also an excellent chance to learn about scientific concepts in a memorable way.

Under the guidance of engineering and photonics experts, participants will explore the fundamental properties of light, including wave-particle duality, diffraction, and interference; learn how to prepare and print a 3D model; and then use that model to create their own hologram.

The competition is an opportunity to experience the engineering design process, a key element of Innovation – this year’s Science Week theme.

Organizer of the event, engineer Daniel Morley, says “I first discovered my interest in physics and engineering when I was 10 years’ old and disassembling things to see how they work. That version of me would have loved hands-on experience with these devices, which is why we wanted to hold this event.”

Prof. Mariusz Martyniuk, co-lead of the Microelectronics Research Group, says, “We want to encourage young people to consider STEMM careers, and what better way is there to do that than to give them the opportunity to work with real physicists and engineers? We highly encourage all young people with an interest in science to attend.”

A panel of physicists will review all the holograms and determine which one best represents this year’s Science Week theme – Innovation.

The 3D & hologram printing competition will take place during Science Week on Saturday 19th August at the University of Western Australia EZONE North.

This is a free event. Places are limited and registration is essential. For more information, visit

This science outreach event is supported by TMOS, the Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence for Transformative Meta-Optical Systems and Inspiring Australia.

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