$6 Billion future of the quantum industry is enabled by home-grown meta-optics

Quantum technology is hitting the headlines around Australia as the government develops its first national quantum strategy to realise its $6 billion opportunity.

CSIRO anticipates that by 2045 the quantum industry will employ nearly 20,000 people and be worth $6 billion to the Australian economy. However, as raised by Dr Cathy Foley Chief Scientist in her discussion paper in September, Australia must develop this workforce now.

We at TMOS are committed to translating the fundamental science of quantum meta-optics into technologies that benefit everyday Australians and developing the scientifically-trained professionals needed for this future.

The light-based technologies developed at TMOS underpin many quantum applications – spanning communications, sensing and information.

To date, TMOS researchers have shared the knowledge they have created through the publication over 85 journal articles on these topics – including a global roadmap.

These achievements have been recognised through awarded fellowships and international awards for quantum-related achievements. We highlight Professor Igor Aharonovich‘s recent Australian Research Council Future Fellowship and 2023 ACS Photonics Young Investigator Award for his work on defects in wide band gap materials as qubits in quantum technologies.

Furthermore, we have spun-out some of our science with a new Australian company, Luminere Systems, which provides solutions in quantum key distribution, relying on quantum light sources developed through TMOS.

We are living our mission in translating fundamental science into applications, training and educating future leaders in emerging technologies for Industry 4.0, which the quantum industry is undoubtedly a standout.

Read the paper from the Chief Scientist here:

Read the National Quantum Strategy framework consultation (closes 5 Nov) here:

Read the CSIRO Quantum Roadmap here:

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